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Texting: Language, In & Out of Focus @ School of the Alternative

I am pleased to announce that this summer I will be teaching a course at School Of The Alternative in May this year (2018).

Texting: Language, In & Out of Focus

This course focuses on artwork and reality as it moves into and out of language. Course sessions will be discussion and practice-based dives into art histories and techniques centered around a topic connected to text and texting.

Sessions include:

Let’s not and say we did — exposure to and development of conceptual and performance works, focusing on written description as the “object” or point of contact with the viewer.

Meme, memes missed, and meme again — pool knowledge to create a collective history of meme strategies, then an on-the-spot recreation of memes not seen. Hands-on storyboarding, description of imagery, exercises in remembering, quick and dirty smartphone filming/captioning, meme-ing, gif-ing

Questions & Actions — debate a hot topic with one handicap, the only spoken words can be questions, all else must be said with written text, body language, expression, or music played.

textathonclass will attempt to focus while the texts fly. Possible goals include an orchestration of text sounds, writing with one hand, texting with the other, and fixing the world.

*<3:)<3* (aka hearts, stars, and horseshoes) — considering emoji, hieroglyph, ASCII, and concrete poetry, the class will develop mythologies, origin stories, manifestos, or acts of resistance concentrating on the relationship between imagery and text.

School of the Alternative @ Black Mountain

School of the Alternative @ Black Mountain

School Of The Alternative is an experiment in education and community. We aim to provide a passion-driven model of education that encourages greater possibilities for thought, creation and collective action. Instead of a traditional classroom environment, our campus supports a collectively built, self-directed approach to learning, which gives an opportunity for all participants to learn and teach.

The 3 week session will be held May 11th-30th, 2018, and is held at the historic site of Black Mountain College.

Scholarship Deadline: Feb 15th
Student Deadline: Feb 25th

Step 1

a tattoo for pivoting: 

  • a 1" line + ~.5cm circle (open) on the front of the foot
  • a single line wrapping around the leg from the joint of the foot to the ball joint of the hip
  • a 1" line + ~.5cm circle (open) on the front of the hip
sarah goetz
studio @ CTRL+SHFT

As of November 1st, I am pleased to announce my membership in the CTRL+SHFT Collective! My regular weekly studio days are Tuesday and Wednesday until Dec 16, 2017. After that, my schedule will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoon, and Friday. I welcome visitors!

sarah goetz
Study for Dialogue Device @ Folly Tree Arboretum

Study for Dialogue Device @ Folly Tree Arboretum

Saturday, August 5 at 7 PM - 11 PM

An evening of barn-burning, stage-sizzling, side-splitting, spirit-summoning, riot-raising, humorous, satirical, dead serious, OR ~calming~ and peaceful LIVE LIVE LIVE performances !!!!!!  

@ Folly Tree Arboretum
741 Springs Fireplace Rd. 
East Hampton, New York 11937

with performances by: 

You!!!! (open stage!) 
Anna Azizzy
Jamie Bayard
Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Jonathan Campolo
Nick Crockett
Becs Epstein
Nick Fusaro
Julian Glander
Sarah Goetz
Isla Hansen
Josie Ariel Keefe
Carlos Lama
Lola Lama
Tucker Marder
Adam Milner
Britt Moseley
Juliet Philips
Christian Scheider
Audrey Snyder
Moses Wiliams
Ryan Withall

With special guests: Joku and the Flock Stars

And special host: Jesse Kauppila